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4 Car Repairs Best Left to Professionals

4 car repairs that are best left to the professionals

The costs involved in car maintenance and repairs aren’t always pocket-friendly.

If you are familiar with how cars work or are knowledgeable about car repairs, then you probably don’t need a professional mechanic for several routine tasks, like oil changes or certain replacements.

However, even if you are very well versed with car care, there are certain repairs which should be left to a professional mechanic.

Here are four critical car repairs that in our opinion require the service of a car mechanic:

Repair Work on Brakes

The brake system of your car consists of several components. Each of these can face wear and tear or damage due to bad roads, bad driving habits, or from a fault which develops from one component impacting another.

  • In the normal course of driving your car, various parts of the braking system; including the brake pads, brake drums, brake lines, or the brake rotors and calipers will sustain damage and they’ll need to be replaced.
  • The good news is – the replacements are not pocket breakers and their replacement is an easy enough job.
  • Since the braking system involves your safety and the safety of your car, this is one repair job which is best done by a professional mechanic.

Damage to the Transmission System

If you are regimented about servicing your car on a routine basis, you shouldn’t face any serious transmission issues. However, as mentioned above, sometimes you cannot avoid certain parts sustaining damage.

  • Fluid leaks, the clutch getting jammed, or torque converter issues are common transmission problems which affect the running of your car.
  • A proper professional assessment of the triggers is necessary when it comes to transmission problems since some of the parts are located under the hood of your car – an area that is not easily accessible at a home garage.
  • The repair work might involve either repairing the damaged part or replacing it; both should be left in the capable hands of a certified mechanic.

Repair and Maintenance for the Suspension Systems

The suspension system is a complex structure comprised of different components; including coil springs, struts, and shocks.

If your car has an air suspension system, then that comes with its own set of unique complexities. For this reason – any repair work or replacement job that needs to be performed should be carried out by a professional car technician.

Even if you are well versed with car repairs, to do any kind of repair work or to even assess a problem, you will require equipment to hoist the car up first – only a car service center or someone who has a well-equipped garage has access to that kind of equipment.

Faulty Exhaust System

A common mistake most car owners make when it comes to exhaust system problems is, they assume a simple muffler replacement will fix the issue. However, this is not the case all the time – the problem could be elsewhere, such as:

  • The problem could be with the oxygen sensors, the exhaust pipes or headers, or it could be due to a faulty catalytic converter.
  • Without a professional assessment, identifying the exact cause behind the faulty exhaust is difficult.
  • This is another car repair job that should be done by a professional mechanic. Any kind of tinkering without the proper knowledge and the right tools could lead to greater damage to your car and could even lead to personal injury. 

Other Car Repairs Best Left to the Pros —

The car repairs mentioned above should only be coordinated by a professional car repair service. In addition, there are a few other car repairs which we think are best left to the pros. These include:

  • Engine trouble – especially if the check engine light flashes on and you are unable to locate the trigger.
  • Ignition trouble.
  • Problems with power steering.
  • Electrical trouble (power windows and locks not working).
  • Extensive damage to the car body.
  • Repair and replacement of the windshield.
  • Air-conditioning system trouble.

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