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AAA Approved Auto Repair Phoenix Arizona

Dear Customer,

We want you to be aware of what AAA has done to independently-owned auto repair shops in Phoenix.

Virginia Auto Service was accepted as an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix in 1998, and was an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix for 14 years.

Traditionally, when a shop was an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop, that meant that when you called AAA for a tow, the tow truck drivers would take you to the closest AAA Approved auto repair shop, which was an independently-owned shop, not owned  by AAA.

However, in 2010 and prior,  AAA went into the auto repair business and opened their own auto repair shops.  It was then that AAA began to encourage their tow truck drivers to take the tows to AAA owned auto repair shops instead of the independent AAA Approved auto repair shops.

Many Phoenix auto repair shop owners felt this was unfair business practices and began to complain to AAA.  We were one of them.

As a result of our complaints, and without any explanation whatsoever, AAA canceled our AAA affiliation in 2010. See documentation: AAA Approved Auto Repair Phoenix Arizona

We want you to know that you do have a choice in auto repair. Don’t let AAA steer you somewhere else, other than your requested auto repair shop.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Matt Allen

Virginia Auto Service


PS. If you are an AAA member, we will still extend to you the AAA discount. Thank you for supporting independent, family owned business.