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Arizona Teen Drivers Laws: What Parents and Teens Need to Know

Getting a driver’s license is a milestone in every Arizona teenager’s life. However, as parents we are responsible to make sure our teen drivers understand and comply with Arizona driving laws for teenagers.

Road safety tips for teenage drivers

Here’s our list of seven rules for teen drivers in Arizona.  

1. Cellphone use is prohibited

According to Arizona teen driver laws, use of a wireless communication device is prohibited except in an emergency. This, however, is subject to two conditions:

  • When it is impossible to stop the vehicle.
  • If stopping the vehicle can lead to an additional emergency or if it presents a road safety hazard.

Passenger limits:  How many passengers can a 16-year-old driver have in Arizona?

Teenage driving laws in Arizona limit the number of passengers to just one non-family member under 18 for the first six months, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian riding in the front passenger seat. 

2. Teen seatbelt laws:

Every time you take the family out or if your child takes the car, make sure you remind them and all the other passengers in the car to strap on their seatbelts.

Arizona driving laws are very strict in this respect – passengers always must wear their seatbelts. Make sure your teen follows this rule every time they get behind the wheel.

3. Drinking and Driving

Driving under the influence is against the law no matter what age you are.  

There can be no compromise on drinking and driving – make sure your teen understands and follows this rule. If they do consume alcohol, ensure your teen calls you for a ride – you can talk about their actions and the consequence of their actions once they are safe and back at home.

4. Arizona Teen Driver Curfew

Most parents prefer to set an early curfew especially when their teen has just gotten their driver’s license and over a period, they extend the curfew.

It is important to remember that while driving after dark can be dangerous for even seasoned drivers, the risks are far higher for new drivers or teenage/young drivers.

In Arizona, newly licensed teens are not permitted to drive between midnight and 5 am in the morning barring a few exceptions including the following:

  • If a parent or legal guardian accompanies them and is seated in the front seat.
  • If it is an emergency.
  • If they are driving to work or going back home from school or a religious activity.

5. Speeding Laws

All drivers are subject to speed laws in Arizona. Speed thrills but it can also kill. Not to mention, it can also lead to fines and the revoking of your driving privileges if you are caught.

A good way to ensure your teen sticks to speed limits is by telling them that they are responsible for paying for speeding tickets they get. In addition, receiving a motor vehicle violation in most cases will surely increase the cost of car insurance.

6. Important Note About Revoked Licenses

Teen driving laws in Arizona are very specific. If a teen driver is found to be guilty of deliberate negligence or misconduct, in addition to the extension of certain driving restrictions beyond the mandatory six months period, their licenses can be revoked.

The Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

Last but not the least, while it’s not a law, we highly recommend educate your teen driver on the importance of routine maintenance as a way of keeping their car in good condition and safe for driving. A few things they should know about include:

  • Checking the fuel level. You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road in a Phoenix summer or any time of the year for that matter.
  • Checking other fluids such as brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid among others.
  • Checking and maintaining the correct tire pressure every month.
  • Checking the tires for any external/visual damage every week.
  • Keeping the car clean as well as ensuring the mirrors and windows are clean as well.
  • Checking the car manual for important tasks such as changing the oil, the reasons for the “check engine light” flashing, or to watch out for signs of car trouble like uncommon noises or odors.
  • It is equally important to advise them on when they need to visit a professional car technician – either for routine maintenance or for repairs.

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