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Get an Independent Audi Auto Service for your Mechanical and Electrical Needs

Audis are known for their excellent performance and superb design. Mechanical and electrical problems are not common but wear and tear can take their toll. That’s why regular maintenance and immediate check-up are needed to ensure that small issues will not lead to more significant problems.

We have listed common mechanical and electrical problems that you may encounter with your Audi.

Common Audi Mechanical Problems

1. Oil Leaks

Once you noticed oil leak problems on your Audi, have it checked immediately as this can cause fire and damage to your engine. It can also lead to inadequate lubrication, which makes your engine operate at higher temperatures. If not addressed immediately, this problem can lead to complete engine failure and may cost you an arm and a leg for repairs.

2. Timing Belt

You wouldn’t want to have your timing belt snap while driving, as this can damage your pistons. Maintaining your car regularly can prevent this problem as it will be easier to detect if your belt is already worn out. Bear in mind that timing belts have an average lifespan.

Another thing to make sure of is to have this at a reliable Audi Auto Service because improper installation can lead to more significant problems.

3. Spark Plug Failure

Defective spark plugs are known to be the cause of this issue. This can be solved using an OEM spark plug and a professional tune-up. This usually costs around $200.

4. Exhaust Leaks

The majority of Audis have a flexible joint in the exhaust. It is located between the downpipe and catalytic converter. As time passes, the joint starts to wear, thus causing a leak. A more resonant exhaust sound is a sign of this problem. Once you hear it, have your flexible joint replaced to lead to more costly repairs.

Common Electrical Issues with Audi A4 – Audi Auto Service

1. Burnt Out Power Window Motor

The driver’s side of Audi A4 power windows is more likely to experience this problem because it is open that is frequently used. Visit an Audi Auto Service to have the motor replaced.

2. Display Screens

Another part of Audi A4 models that usually burn out is its display screen. Having this problem makes it more challenging to read the display. A standard solution to his question is having the whole unit replaced.

3. Center Control Spill

Since newer Audi A4 models are designed with cup holders above control units, spills often damage them. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that you won’t spill your drinks.

4. Stuck Brake Lights

A faulty brake switch results in brake lights still being “on.” This is an easy problem to address. The repair can be done as quickly as 20 minutes.

Have the Best care in an Audi Auto Service

As a luxury brand, you might think that the best place to bring your Audi is in the dealership. But do you have to?

If you have been getting your Audi there, you would agree that they charge you more than bringing it in an independent auto shop.

Independent auto shops also have people who are trained and have the expertise to repair your Audi. They are certified and have lots of experience in handling luxury cars.

Aside from skills, independent auto shops can treat you better. You get quality service and warm treatment at a more reasonable price. You get to express your problems more because independent auto shops are known to give their clients more personalized attention.

Dealerships do not have the monopoly of skills when it comes to repairing your Audi. So why not go to an independent auto shop that offers you a better deal?