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Automatic Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore

As a driver of an automatic transmission vehicle, you may have wondered what would happen if your transmission started to fail. Would you recognize the symptoms? Would you know what to do? A failed transmission could cost a lot of money to repair or replace, so the sooner you catch its problems, the better.

Automatic Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore

The following are five signs of automatic transmission problems that you should never ignore:

  1. Slipping. Automatic transmission slipping feels like you are driving in one gear and then, for no reason, it changes gears. When the transmission slips, the sound coming from the engine may change in pitch or start to sound like it’s whining. The vehicle may also fail to accelerate like it should, feel as though it is struggling, or feel underpowered.
  2. Difficulty shifting. When the automatic transmission starts to fail, your vehicle may feel as though it is refusing to change gears as it normally would. It may also feel like the gear shifts aren’t transitioning smoothly. In some cases, you may hear or feel a “thud” or “clunk” when the vehicle shifts gears. You may also find that your vehicle has trouble getting up to speed.
  3. Delayed action. If you have this problem, you will notice a delay in action before your vehicle shifts into drive and starts moving forward. So, when shifting from park “P” to drive “D,” there will be a pause in which the car revs the engine when you give it gas, but the vehicle doesn’t move forward as it should.
  4. Leaking fluid. A transmission is a sealed unit which should not leak fluid. If you notice a transmission leak- fluid is bright red, but may also be dark red or brown- you need to bring your vehicle in for maintenance as soon as possible. Factory specifications need to be followed when refilling transmission fluid as overfilling could result in an even bigger- more expensive- issue.
  5. Dashboard warning light. Some vehicles have a transmission warning light. If this light is on, bring your vehicle in and have a mechanic run a computer diagnostic check on the vehicle. A warning light- like the “check engine” light- alone doesn’t necessarily meant that you have transmission trouble. If it is illuminated in conjunction with any of the above symptoms, then it needs to be diagnosed by one of our professional mechanics right away.

Transmission repairs can range anywhere from $150 to upwards of $2,500 depending on your vehicles specific problem. To avoid more expensive repairs or transmission replacement, never ignore the signs listed above. If you are uncomfortable driving your vehicle with its transmission issues, you may have it towed in.

At Virginia Auto Service, we love to help you with your vehicle and safety in any way we can. We hope you find this list of automatic transmission problem signs useful. If you are experiencing automatic transmission issues, Virginia Auto Service is here for you. We are your go-to in Phoenix, AZ for reliable, high-quality auto repair services. Call (602) 266-0200 or schedule an appointment online.