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Car Battery Draining Issues – 4 Reasons the Power Drains Out of Your Battery

The lifespan of a car battery is normally between 4-5 years. However, a lot depends on how often you drive the car.

Having said that, there can be several factors for a car battery to drain prematurely. And old batteries are not the only batteries that can drain when they should not. Any number of mechanical or electrical faults could also cause a brand-new or relatively new battery to drain before it should.

car battery draining issues

Also, if your car battery keeps dying, then there could be other underlying issues which might need urgent attention. The battery is a critical component in starting the car engine. If your car battery is failing or losing power too soon, it could be due to any of the following reasons:

Car Battery Keeps Dying. What Is Causing This?

Common reasons your car battery keeps dying could be because of charging problems, loose or damaged/worn out battery connections, an electrical drain, or even extreme weather conditions. Here are some examples that could be the issue —

  1. Parasitic Drain

Ideally, once you turn off the car engine, it should also shut down your car’s electrical system. However, if the electrical components continue operating, even after the engine has been shut down, it is called a parasitic drain.

  • If the system continues powering the security system or the clock for a little while, for instance, after the engine has been shut off, that is not strange.
  • If, however, the system is powering other components (for 10 minutes or longer) like the dashboard computer screens, headlights and trunk lights, or the glove box; then the issue could be with the electrical system.
  1. The Battery is Worn Out or Battery Connections are Loose or Corroded

The battery of your car is charged by the alternator. However, if your car battery is worn out, it won’t charge fully or be able to hold power.

  • A poorly maintained battery again won’t be able to hold enough charge.
  • If the battery is weak, even a small drain like using the car radio will cause the battery to die prematurely.
  • Loose or corroded battery connections are another reason behind why the battery could be repeatedly draining, since it hinders the charging system from topping-off the battery while driving.
  • Typically, you should schedule a battery change every 4-5 years.
  • If your car battery is worn out or old, the best option is to replace your battery.
  1. Issues with the Alternator

If your car alternator is causing the battery to lose power, the battery will die on you.

  • The role of the alternator is to deliver power to your car’s electrical components.
  • If the alternator is unable to provide the necessary power, then the car will use the battery to maintain the power supply instead.
  • Since the battery can only meet the power demands of the various components for a limited period, it will eventually drain out and die.
  1. Head Lights or Dome Lights Were Left On

One of the most common reasons for batteries to die is when the lights are left on overnight. It is human nature to forget sometimes or if you are in a hurry, to leave the lights on. Some cars will allow you to do that – not everyone drives a new car.

  • If you forgot to turn off the headlights or the dome lights, the battery will die overnight.
  • If your car lights are on after 5 minutes of the engine being off, for instance, you need to take that seriously.
  • If the door or the trunk wasn’t shut properly.
  • When this happens, the battery will drain overnight, and you will wake up to a dead battery.

Something to Take Seriously

Figuring out why a brand-new or relatively new battery won’t hold a charge or what is causing the battery to die is not easy. If, however, you find your car battery is repeatedly draining too quickly or at all, then it is best to have your car checked by a mechanic.

A careful and professional assessment will help in identifying if the fault lies with the electrical system or if the reason lies elsewhere.

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