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Car Servicing Best Practices That Are NOT Always True

car servicing best practices that are not always true

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways of ensuring your car runs smoothly and efficiently.

You probably have been reminded of this by your car service guy every time you take in your car.

We at Virginia Auto Service believe in this recommendation 100%. However, there are a few best practices which don’t always hold true for every single car. Here are some of the common myths about car care and maintenance that you should be aware of.

Don’t Fall for these Car Servicing Claims – They Might Not Be 100% True!

Some of the advice you hear from friends, family, and even service technicians who want to make a fast buck can be false. Which is why we have compiled a list of car servicing best practices that are false or not entirely correct. Read on to know more.

Always Use Premium Gas for Better Performance

Well, regular gas works just fine because it must meet stringent quality standards. So, if you are using 86 octane gas your car engine will run perfectly well.

  • Unless your car manual states something different and you don’t own an expensive model or sports car, regular gas works perfectly.
  • Cars that need premium gas usually have high performance and compression engines which tend to heat up a lot faster.
  • Higher octane fuel is ideal for turbo charged engines which is why they come with protectants and cleaners and are engine knock resistant.

Air Filters Need to Be Replaced on a Routine Basis

Again, a false statement and the wrong advice. While air filters need regular replacements, the time frame depends on the driving conditions as well as the age of the car.

So, if you drive on bad roads, the filters should be replaced more often or if your car is old, then a replacement is often necessary.

  • Ideally, air filters should be replaced or changed between 12,000 and 30,000 miles.
  • It’s also important to know that, air filters can be cleaned during routine maintenance, so you might not have to go in for a replacement every single time.

Oil Changes Should Happen Every 3,000 Miles

Oil should be changed anywhere between 5,000 miles and 7,000 miles. Since the quality of oil as well as the engine design that most cars sport today are far more superior that what it used to be, there is no need for an oil change every 3,000 miles.

We would recommend you check your owner’s manual for a more accurate time frame specific to your car model but even then, your car should be able to go at least 5,000 miles before you need more oil and another filter.

DIY Car Maintenance Equals Routine Maintenance by a Professional Car Mechanic

  • Car care knowledge is awesome and essential for every car owner. You never know when you might face car trouble. And if roadside assistance is not available, then knowing something about car repairs could save you a lot of trouble, time, and money.
  • However, mechanics are required to undergo training which is far more complex and detailed.
  • The kind of diagnostics, repairs, and fixes that your car undergoes during routine maintenance at a professional service station is far more detailed and complex than regular home/garage DIY maintenance.
  • This is why taking your car for routine maintenance is essential for optimal performance and DIY maintenance rarely hits the mark.

Car Insurance Pays for Every Type of Repair Work

Yes, it does – If that is what is stated in your policy. The kind of coverage that you chose will be the determining factor in what kind of repairs your insurance company will pay for.

Our advice, before you decide to sign up for a policy, go over it carefully and see what items are listed or covered before you go ahead and make the selection.

Not Up to the Mark

Regardless of how comfortable and savvy you are about car repairs and maintenance work, it is difficult to match the kind of servicing that professional auto repair mechanics offer.

A simple tire change or topping off the car fluids is something that you can learn and do by yourself. However, complex engine repairs require professional expertise.

Reliable Car Maintenance with Professional Auto Experts!

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