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Did You Know Wheel Alignment Can Save on Potential Car Repair Costs?

Did you know wheel alignment can save on potential car repair costs?

When it comes to car repairs, not many car owners give importance to the need of proper wheel alignment.

Most car owners are also unaware that having their wheels aligned by a professional mechanic can help save potential repair costs and keep their car in terrific condition. 

What is Proper Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is done to ensure the wheels of a car are angled and positioned in a manner which enables all four wheels to uniformly meet the surface of the road.

Usually, wheel alignment is something that is already done when you buy a car. However, uneven road surfaces, rough roads, or hitting the occasional pothole are some of the common reasons your wheels become misaligned over time.

Proper Wheel Alignment Keeps Your Car in Good Condition

There are several benefits to proper wheel alignment. These include the following:

  • Even tread wear,
  • Prevents premature wear of tires thereby increasing lifespan,
  • Good fuel efficiency,
  • Smooth driving experience,
  • Safety for the driver and the car,
  • And fewer auto repairs due to the benefits of everything mentioned above!

Signs Your Car needs Proper Wheel Alignment ASAP

If the signs of bad wheel alignment are caught in time, it can save you potential repair costs by preventing tire damage as well as suspension and engine damage. Here are five signs that could indicate misaligned wheels–

Worn Tire Treads

A few things to note about tire wear resulting from bad wheel alignment:

  • Healthy tire treads will display prominent grooves and patterns.
  • When the tire treads get worn out or look flat, then it could be due to excessive and uneven wear.
  • Driving with tires that are damaged from uneven wear or tires that don’t have treads can be dangerous. The car can skid easily as the ability of the tires to grip the road when you brake gets seriously impacted.

Steering Wheel Vibrates

When driving, if you feel the steering vibrate it could be due to a wheel alignment issue. This is an early warning sign and if addressed quickly, could prevent further damage to the wheels and your car.

Squealing Tires

Another strong indicator that your wheel alignment is bad is when you hear your car tires squealing when you accelerate or when you slow down to navigate turns. If the condition is left unchecked, the squealing will get progressively worse.

Vehicle Swerves Too Much to the Right or Left

While on a straight flat road, let go of your steering wheel. If your wheel alignment is good, then the car will continue to move straight. The trouble comes when you let go of the steering and your car starts to veer excessively to either the right or the left.

Hesitation in the Steering

In addition to vibrations from the steering, another indicator that your car wheel alignment is bad is when you start noticing hesitation in the steering. Watch out for the following:

  • Your car steering hesitates when you try to navigate a turn in the road.
  • The car will respond after a gap of a couple seconds.
  • Steering hesitation is possibly one of the most dangerous things to happen, especially if you are driving on a busy road.
  • Hesitation of a few seconds could mean a life and death situation.
  • Consult with a professional mechanic as soon as possible if you notice steering hesitation.

Don’t Drive an Unsafe Car

As mentioned above, your car’s wheels can get misaligned due to several factors, including driving on poor roads or hitting potholes, especially at great speeds.

The vital aspect is to quickly address the problem as it directly impacts your safety, the safety of your car, and the lives of other drivers on the road. 

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