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Hints when Considering Window Tint for Your Vehicle

Window tinting is a great idea for your car for many reasons: it keeps the interior cool, protects your windows, reduces heat glare and adds to the look of your vehicle.

Applying Tinting Foil On A Car Window

Window tinting, when properly applied is virtually maintenance free and durable. It provides your car with a quality finish, protects the vehicle color and provides a scratch resistant coating. Many of the tinting films on the market are made with cutting edge materials that offer protection and increase the value of your car.

Because the sun’s UV rays can cause the cars interior to become unbearably hot it can also bleach out the color of the cars dash and seats. A good tinting film provides a protective barrier that blocks up to 99 percent of the UV rays which not only protects passengers as you drive down the road but maintains the car’s interior. A good window tint will reduce sun glare by up to 90 percent.

Window tinting comes in a range of colors and materials so it’s possible to find one that adds to your vehicle’s own unique look and offer the look of your car an almost instant upgrade.

Make sure when you’re choosing the film that you choose a color stable film that won’t eventually turn purple. Make sure it’s professionally applied so it doesn’t bubble or peel. Also make certain you choose one that is compatible with factory tints that provides a durable scratch-resistant surface.

If you’re tinting your windows as a matter of privacy, make certain the tint is dark enough to obtain your objective.

In the event of an accident quality window tinting can protect both you and your car. When accidents happen, glass shatters and side windows are particularly susceptible. Window tint film can protect against this by preventing shards of glass from flying at passengers.

The film, if dark enough, can conceal your valuables. Also if a thief tries to break into your car, the window tint will help hold the glass in place, making it harder to break in.


Here are three things to look for when you’re looking into window tinting:

1. Safety films – prevent injury from flying glass caused by vandalism and accidents
2. Non-reflective tint and metal-coated tints can reduce heat, glare and block harmful ultraviolet rays that damage your skin and the vehicle’s interior
3. A graffiti guard that protects any smooth surface on your vehicle from vandalism

In areas of the country like Arizona, window tinting is almost a vehicle necessity, especially if you’d like to keep your vehicle’s interior temperate and safe from fading.