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How Hot and Cold Weather Can Lead to Brake Repairs

How Hot and Cold Weather Can Lead to Brake Repairs

Like most drivers, you probably don’t think about your car’s brakes until you have to use them. When it comes to hot and cold weather, however, it’s essential to consider how weather can impact your vehicle’s braking system. Here are a few things you should know:

What are brakes?

If you’ve ever driven a car, you know how important brakes are. Brakes are mechanical devices that slow, stop, or reverse a vehicle. They’re a vital component of the braking system and work with other parts to stop your car safely when needed. The braking system uses friction to slow or stop your vehicle as quickly as possible so you can avoid accidents on the road.

The importance of brakes to safety.

Brakes are the most critical safety feature of your vehicle. They keep you from crashing, help you to stop quickly, and allow you to come to a full stop after starting downhill. If your car or truck brakes aren’t working correctly, it could be dangerous for you and those around you.

Below we will discuss how hot and cold weather can affect brake systems and what drivers should do if they suspect an issue with their brakes.

Cold weather conditions

When driving in cold weather, your brakes are probably the last thing on your mind.

It’s important to remember that brakes, like other moving parts in a vehicle, are sensitive to cold temperatures. That means that even if you don’t notice any problems when you start driving in freezing or below freezing conditions, those brakes could be affected by the change in temperature and fail without warning.

Braking distances are multiplied by three times when it reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside because the fluid becomes thicker at lower temperatures. This means that stopping distances increase dramatically and can have severe consequences if there is another vehicle behind you or something unexpected along your path of travel (like an animal).

Hot and humid weather conditions

When the outside temperature exceeds 80 degrees, brake fluid can boil in as little as 10 minutes. And while that may not sound like much of a problem, it’s actually pretty serious—boiling fluid causes your brakes to fail. When this happens, you’ll notice your brakes feel soft and spongy when you apply them. It’s also important to know that boiling fluids are more likely to wear out brake pads quickly and overheat rotors (which can warp), which means you’re more likely to need replacement parts before your next trip.

Be prepared for sudden brake repairs during changing and extreme weather.

If you live in a climate that can get extremely hot or cold, you may want to consider having your brakes inspected before the weather changes. If you plan a long trip, it’s best to check on your brakes before leaving.

Drivers must take the time to inspect their brake systems when changing or extreme weather is expected. This way, you can be prepared for sudden brake repairs before your trip and will be able to avoid last-minute traffic jams and other inconveniences that might result from these unexpected issues.

The road conditions are just as crucial to brakes as the weather you are driving in.

The road conditions are just as crucial to brakes as the weather you are driving in. If your car is skidding on wet roads, ice-covered streets, or dirt, gravel, or mud-covered roads, it might be time for a brake inspection. Cold weather can also cause problems with your vehicle’s braking system by causing some of its fluids to freeze up. The extreme heat can also cause issues with braking systems because they tend to expand when heated up. While the metal they are attached to contracts and shrinks when cooled down again—causing other parts of your vehicle to rub together and potentially damage its components.

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