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4 Common Mazda Problems and Repair Solutions – Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

Mazda cars are popular among drivers and dealers alike for their reliability and their wide range of models. It is a dependable Japanese automotive brand that outranks Toyota and Lexus in various reliability and performance metrics. 

However, some issues may still show up on Mazda cars depending on the vehicle’s age, wear and tear, and driving conditions. But worry not – you can maintain your car’s performance by being quick to observe problems and sending it to a Mazda mechanic in Phoenix right away.

Mazda Auto Problems and Corresponding Fixes

Here are five common Mazda problems and respective solutions that our mechanics at Virginia Auto Service can provide:

1. Coolant and Radiator Problems – Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

It’s usually warm in Phoenix, AZ, and the last thing you’d want is a steaming, overheated engine. Corroded radiator parts and insufficient or leaked coolant are the usual culprits. Our mechanics in Phoenix can inspect your belts, hoses, and the radiator for cracks and leaks. We also test the pressure of your cooling system before and after repair.

2. Steering Wheel Vibration – Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

If you experience unnatural vibrations when you drive your vehicle, you probably have wheel alignment problems or faulty suspension. You can have your car checked and rebalanced at Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix to improve fuel economy and tire longevity. We also perform suspension repair services for Mazda and other vehicles.

3. Knocking Sounds from the Engine – Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

It’s possible that your Mazda has insufficient lubrication or the engine has faulty bearings. These may result in clunking sounds as your Mazda accelerates along Phoenix highways. If left unchecked, these issues can cause the whole engine to seize and cost you a great fortune after your dealer warranty has lapsed. Our quality car services include oil change, thorough Mazda engine inspection, and repair. 

4. Bad Variable Valve Timing (VVT) – Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

The L-series and older Mazda variants can suffer from a faulty VVT. These valves close and open at specific times for the engine to function well and optimize fuel consumption. 

Loud ticking sounds upon starting means wear and tear damage on the VVT, while rattling sounds at low RPMs may indicate an excessively stretched timing chain. Either way, these may drastically reduce gas mileage and cause the engine to misfire. If you’re around Phoenix, Mesa, or Avondale, we can have a closer look at our auto shop and recommend appropriate repair and maintenance.

Advice from Expert Mechanics – Mazda Auto Service Phoenix, Arizona

It sounds cliche, but prevention is definitely better than cure – especially when it comes to maintaining your Mazda car. Unplanned trips to car repair shops can be inconvenient and expensive, so you should follow your annual and quarterly service schedule.

In fact, you don’t need to wait for your 3,000-mile schedule to see us. If you’ve been observing some performance issues on your Mazda, visit us in Phoenix right away. Our team of ASE-certified mechanics at Virginia Auto Repair, Phoenix can expertly provide diagnostics and free second opinions.

We Provide Top-Notch Mazda Auto Service Phoenix AZ

At Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix, you can rest assured that we will handle your Mazda only with the highest level of skill and care. We have master technicians certified by the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and decades of experience in the repair and maintenance of Mazda vehicles and other brands.

We are here to help you with any Mazda automotive issues using the latest technology and the appropriate tools in our inventory. You can set an appointment online or call us at (602) 698-9539.

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