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Mercedes-Benz Service Phoenix, Arizona

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Virginia Auto Service has certified Mercedes technicians, Mercedes approved parts and the same tools and software as the dealership to diagnose and service your Mercedes right.

Here’s what people are saying about Virginia Auto Service!

“High-level customer service!”

“I had heard the many radio spots on 1480 over the last couple years, so gave them a try.

Experience was high level customer service, shop was clean and quite busy. The staff was courteous, and kept me informed asap with diagnosis and quote for repair.

A ride home was given when I left. I also like the complete review of my vehicle which found some forecasted problems which can be addressed before larger costs occur.” Jim Rio, Phoenix, Arizona (verified customer)

Why Choose Virginia Auto Service for Mercedes-Benz Service in Phoenix?

  • Convenient!  If you work in downtown Phoenix, it’s easy to drop your car off at Virginia Auto Service in the morning and we’ll give you a free ride to work. Then we will pick you up again after work, or when you’re ready to pick up your car after it is done.  Don’t waste another day off in the auto repair shop waiting room. 
  • We Treat You Like Family!  We want to make a lifelong customer, not just a sale so we treat our clients just like family. We care about you so we tell you what’s going on with your car, but then we help you prioritize. We understand budgets.
  • The Best Mechanics in Phoenix! Our auto mechanics are some of the best in Phoenix.  They are all ASE certified and most of them have 20 years’ experience or more!
  • Non- intimidating Service Advisors. You don’t have to be a mechanic to understand what our service advisors are saying.  We know that most people don’t work on cars for a living so that’s why we make sure to help you understand about what needs fixed with you car.
  • A Shop So Clean You Could Cook Dinner on the Floor!  Okay, well we really don’t want you to cook dinner on our floor, but we believe a clean shop is a sign of a quality shop.  Don’t you?
  • The Latest Computer Software and Tools! It’s important that the auto repair shop you go to has the correct computer software and tools needed to work on your car. For example, a Mercedes-Benz, requires computer software just to change the oil correctly! It’s not just about wrenches anymore! The good news is, we invest in the latest tools and technology so you can be sure we’re going to do the job right the first time!

Call us today at 602-266-0200 to get a FREE second opinion about your recommended Mercedes-Benz service or schedule an appointment online.