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Move Over When You See Those Flashing Lights

Did you know that one tow truck driver is killed every six days on the road? Or that 23 highway workers and one law enforcement officer are killed every month and five firefighters are killed every year? It was for this reason that Arizona initiated the “Move Over Law,” ARS 28-775E-1-2, in 2005.

Move Over When You See Those Flashing Lights

According to, the law is a measure designed to protect the lives of everyone who uses our roadways. The law requires all drivers to move over one lane to create a safe margin of space when passing by any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road.

As stated above, the law took effect in 2005 in order to reduce injuries and fatalities to law-enforcement officers and emergency responders assisting the public. It was later enhanced in July 2011 to protect everyone, including stranded motorists, tow truck drivers, roadside assistance providers and road work and maintenance crews, as well as emergency responders and law enforcement officers. The new slogan is “Move over. Every car, every time.”

The law recognizes that there may be times when it is not safe for the motorist to move over. In those situations, the driver should slow down -between 15 to 20 miles below the posted speed limit- and proceed with caution. Drivers should watch for people or objects that could enter their travel lane, and be prepared to stop.

Arizona’s Move Over law applies to all public roads and highways statewide, including local roads and surface streets, interstates, parkways and state highways. It can be enforced by any law-enforcement officer, including local police, county sheriff’s deputies and Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers.

Failure to comply with the law is a moving violation. Fines vary by jurisdiction but can range from $150 to $650.

So, remember…

  • MOVE Over when you see any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of any road or highway.
  • SLOW DOWN AND USE CAUTION if you cannot move over.
  • Not obeying the law is a moving violation punishable by fines; worse, you or someone else could be injured or killed.

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