Virginia Auto Service

Virginia Auto Service provides complete brake repair in Phoenix, Arizona.

Common brake problems and their causes:

  1. When the brake pedal seems to sink, more brake fluid might be needed. However, it could also mean that the brakes need adjustment or the master cylinder is failing.
  2. If the brakes are making abnormal noises when in use, it’s definitely time to stop by Virginia Auto Service. Squealing brakes can indicate that the pad used to stop the wheels is wearing thin or cheap parts were previously installed into the vehicle.
  3. If the vehicle feels a little slow to stop, the solution could be as simple as having the brakes recalibrated or maybe the brake lining is due for a replacement.
  4. If the brakes require excessive pressure to activate, replacing the power booster will solve the issue.
  5. A grinding sound or feeling in the pedal is by far the most dangerous. This means that the disc or drum has been worn down entirely and this could quickly ruin the brakes. Stop driving and have the car towed to Virginia Auto Service for brake repair right away.

Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix can easily deal with squealing, mushy, or unreliable brakes. There are two types of brakes—Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes. Although the systems vary slightly, the science behind them and the end results are the same.

Brake Repair PhoenixBrakes apply pressure to the inside of the wheels and create friction to stop the vehicle. Most brake systems use hydraulics to make it easier for drivers to press down the pedal and thereby control the rate at which the vehicle decelerates. All brake systems will require brake fluid to lubricate the system and minimize the wear and tear on the mechanical components.

The pads that make contact with the wheel degrades over time, so it’s best to pay close attention to the feel of the brakes. A shudder-like feeling from the brakes through the pedal most likely means that the pads have warped and the wear has become uneven. A few components would need to be machined for installation back into the vehicle.