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Virginia Auto Service provides complete car radiator repair in Phoenix, Arizona.

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In warm Phoenix, no better image strikes fear to the heart than that of a broken down vehicle along the freeway—steam pouring out of the radiator caused by engine overheating. Don’t let the Arizona heat take its toll on your radiator. Bring your vehicle to Virginia Auto Service for a full safety inspection and a car radiator checkup. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’re in need of head gasket repair or car radiator repair in Phoenix.

For most people, their car’s radiator is something that just works—something one doesn’t need to know how it operates or why it’s there. But with the Arizona heat, a car radiator operating in disrepair can be a nightmare waiting to happen. A car radiator is an integral part that keeps your engine running cool and smooth for the duration of your journey. Basically, a car radiator works by pumping coolant through the engine block and then back through a series of tubes covered in fins. This allows heat to spread and dissipate out of the engine and into the air.

There are a variety of coolants that certain car models may need. Most are water-based while some are oil-based. Most car radiators use a glycol additive for two reasons: to keep the water in your radiator from freezing, and to increase the temperature at which your coolant boils. Higher grade coolants also have anti-corrosion chemicals which will lengthen the life of your radiator by protecting it from the inside out. As a further precaution, one can invest in a pressurized radiator cap. For each pound of pressure the cap exerts, the boiling temperature is raised by about 3 degrees.

Because of the cost to “Re-Core” a radiator, it can often be more cost effective to just replace the radiator. A new radiator will come equipped with seals that direct the air through the middle of the radiator. Without these seals, air can just breeze past without doing any good. Massive car overheating or a radiator leak can be easily dealt with by Virginia Auto Service technicians to get you back on the road.

Virginia Auto Service ASE Master Certified Technicians complete the following steps to ensure the safety and longevity of a customer’s vehicle’s life:

  • Check Belts & Hoses
  • Check for Radiator Leaks & Cracks
  • Check Hose & Clamps
  • Flush radiator coolant with new antifreeze
  • Check radiator cap
  • Check for hot and cold spots in your radiator
  • Pressure check your cooling system before and after repair
  • Test cylinder head and block integrity

Auto Radiator System Services:

  • Diagnostic
  • Radiators
  • Hoses
  • Belts
  • Heater cores
  • Thermostats
  • Head gaskets
  • Fan clutches
  • Electrical fans
  • Water pumps
  • Transmission cooler
  • Air conditioning service

All Virginia Auto Service customers get one year of FREE Roadside Assistance with any service or repair. If your vehicle breaks down, have your vehicle towed directly to Virginia Auto Service. You can bestow us your full trust when it comes to car radiator repair, car overheating repair or engine overheating repair, and head gasket repair in Phoenix.