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Virginia Auto Service is located at 7th Street & Virginia (between Thomas & McDowell) in Central Phoenix. We provide complete Motor Mount replacement.

Virginia Auto Service provides complete motor mount replacement in Phoenix AZ.

Here’s what people are saying about Virginia Auto Service:

“It was refreshing to be given an honest assessment”

“I took my car in as it was time for an oil change and I was convinced my serpentine belt was about to go. It had that tell-tale burning smell which was making me nervous. Turns out I had a loose oil-filter from my last oil change and dripping oil + catalytic converter = my car is about to die smell.

Virginia Auto Service changed my oil and cleaned up my engine. It was so nice to receive a call from them saying my belt was fine and an oil change was all I needed. It was refreshing to be given an honest assessment vs being told some great story about some random repair that was needed…I am a female after all and have received some rather odd diagnoses in the past (your rotors fell off, so you’ll need to have them replaced for example).

It is very reassuring to know I now have an honest, kind and reliable repair shop for my car. Did my oil change run a bit more than some $19.99 special? Yes, but it was so worth it! Now my little one won’t be getting an oil change for another year most likely, but my service advisor, Robert, asked me to please stop by every three months so they could check out my belts, tire pressure, etc just to be safe. Now THAT is service!” -Verified Customer Review Via Google

Contact us at 602-266-0200 to get a quote or schedule an appointment online for your motor mount replacement.

Why choose Virginia Auto Service for motor mount replacement?

  • All work guaranteed for 2 years, 24,000 miles
  • Free ride to work or home in Central Phoenix
  • Loaner cars available
  • Free 2nd Opinions
  • Voted Best Auto Repair Phoenix
  • Clean, modern shop
  • ASE Certified and Experienced Technicians
  • Friendly Team
  • No Hassle