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Virginia Auto Service provides complete power steering repair in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Few things come close to the sense of worry that comes with needing power steering repair. Phoenix drivers are getting quite used to dealing with heavy traffic, and that means that many of us are relying more and more on our vehicles ability to react quickly to unexpected situations. Steering repairs can help keep your vehicle moving the way you expect and help maximize control of your vehicle.

Because of the difficulty of maintaining the power steering system from the driveway, it is important to recognize the cause of power steering problems. For example, a power steering fluid leak can quickly affect the performance of your steering and render it much more difficult to get around. Depending on the severity and origin of the leak, there is a possibility that there is a quick easy solution. But occasionally, more extensive work needs to be performed before going back on the road safely.

There are really only a few issues that drivers can actively watch out for when it comes to your power steering, but these should be taken quite seriously as they constitute a potential safety risk. Here are a few of the problems to watch out for.

Whining Noise – if your vehicle makes a whining noise when turning your wheels to the left or right, the solution could be as simple as adjusting the belt to its proper tension. It’s a possibility that replacing the belt altogether is a better option, and as always, we will get your approval before we go ahead with the repair.

Loose steering – if your steering wheel is feeling looser than it should be, the issue could be caused by insufficient power steering fluid. If filling the fluid to its proper level does not fix the problem, you could have a more serious problem on your hands including a loose steering gear coupling or defective rotary valve.

Difficulty turning – there are a few possibilities here, but the most common cause of this is a leak in the power steering lines or in the pump itself. If you have a harder time than usual turning your steering wheel, we suggesting bringing the vehicle in and we will perform an inspection for leaks in the lines, followed by a check of the pump.

Power steering has been one of the most valuable advances when it comes to the mechanical advantage of the driver. Making sure that this advantage works when you need it most is the very definition of vehicle safety. Let us help you keep the edge, and keep control of your vehicle.

No matter the source of the problem, it is important to your safety to get the problem handled as quickly as possible. Our technicians are well trained in troubleshooting and resolving the full suite of automotive repair services, and will work hard to keep you in complete control of your vehicle