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Virginia Auto Service provides complete Audi Repair in Phoenix, Arizona. Certified Audi Mechanics. We have the same tools, software, and equipment as the dealership.

Audi Auto Service

Audi cars are among the most widely-renowned European vehicles because of their sleek designs and powerful performance. At Virginia Auto Service, we know that your German imported vehicle is a precious investment that you want to keep reliable for many years to come. That’s why you should entrust it only to our honest and highly experienced auto service technicians in Arizona.

Why Choose Us for All Your Audi Repair and Maintenance Needs?

Our auto repair shop is home to professionals who share a passion for automotive care – from service advisors to the front desk staff. These include ASE-certified auto repair mechanics who take continual training in fixing Audi and other European vehicles.

So, you can sit back and relax as we give your Audi car the treatment it deserves. Moreover, we are equipped with modern tools to provide factory-recommended repairs from bumper to bumper. That’s why we can deliver outstanding services with a faster turnaround and very reasonable costs. We take pride in the efficiency and quality of our Audi repair service.

If you are still on the fence or weighing your options, feel free to call our certified repair techs at (602) 266-0200 to get a free estimate or a second opinion FOR FREE.

We also provide excellent Audi repair and upkeep to drivers in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tucson, Peoria, and surrounding areas in Arizona. Here are our most popular Audi services:

Accurate Audi Repair and Diagnostic Service in Phoenix

We strongly believe that accurate diagnostics should serve as the foundation for repairs. We use sophisticated onboard scanners and computerized equipment to efficiently identify any problem with your Audi.

Our honest and certified Audi repair technicians in Phoenix will then clearly communicate with you the status of your vehicle. Rest assured that we will recommend only the correct and most cost-effective procedures to get your car back on the road

Audi Repair and Engine Service in Arizona

Several Audi models like the A8, A6, A4, and A3 are equipped with powerful Fuel Stratified Injection engines (FSI). This technology drastically improves fuel usage to boost performance and power output. However, without proper maintenance, even this engine is not immune from dips in performance.

Getting a tune-up from our auto repair shop in Phoenix will have immediately noticeable results on your Audi. We will ensure that your engine is clean and adequately lubricated to reduce operating temperatures. You will then have smoother rides, cleaner emissions, and improved fuel economy.

We also replace non-serviceable engine parts only with long-lasting and Audi-approved components. For instance, we have factory-grade timing belts that can last for 100,000 miles.

Audi Repair Phoenix – Tire Service and Replacement

Our auto repair center in Phoenix also has an expansive selection of regular and specialty tires for your German luxury car. Just schedule an appointment if you need to change your flat or worn tires with a new set.

Additionally, we offer tire rotation and a computerized wheel alignment service. If you drive your Audi often and notice vibrations when driving at high speeds, you probably have an alignment issue. Our services will help you prevent rapid tire wear and give you more comfortable rides along Phoenix highways.

Automotive Fluid Replacement and Oil Change Service in Phoenix

Performing an oil change is a DIY chore for some drivers, but we recommend that you leave it to the experts if you have no prior experience. Our skillful repair technicians have the proper tooling for replacing your oil and other automotive fluids without damaging your car.

Moreover, we use specially formulated synthetic oils that you cannot find in most other auto repair shops in Phoenix. These include long-lasting LiquiMoly motor oils approved by Audi.

Auto Electrical System Repair and Service for Audi Vehicles

Several features and parts of your Audi heavily rely on its electrical system. This is particularly true for the Audi e-Tron, A-series, and Q-series with complex computerized components. If you have dimming headlights or these features are malfunctioning, you probably have a faulty battery or electrical system.

In worst cases, your Audi may stop running if you have a dead battery or a severely worn alternator. At the first sign of auto electrical trouble, just make an appointment at Virginia Auto Service. We expertly fix shorted or corroded wiring, replace dead batteries, or rebuild damaged alternators if needed.

Audi Repair and Maintenance Phoenix, AZ

Entrust your prized Audi only to certified mechanics in Phoenix, AZ. As your one-stop-shop, we provide complete auto repair and maintenance service to keep its resale value and reliability for a long time. While your car is under our care, you can still go to work or home using our loaner vehicles.

From collision damage repairs to drivetrain maintenance, we have got you covered. Besides Audi, we also expertly repair Volkswagen, BMW, MINI, and many other automotive brands.

Make an appointment online today or dial (602) 266-0200 for service inquiries. You can find our shop at 386 E Virginia Ave., Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ 85004. We are also easily accessible from Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tucson, Peoria, and surrounding areas in Arizona.

Call us at 602-266-0200 to schedule an appointment or to get a FREE Second Opinion.
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