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Phoenix’s Virginia Auto Service is here to help when it comes to auto electrical repair, battery light repair, or alternator repair.

Whether the repair requires tinkering with just a few fuses or rewiring your entire vehicle, the ASE Certified Master Technicians at Virginia Auto Service are well aware of your car’s needs. We can quickly diagnose and resolve your issues—always at the lowest possible cost.

The first innovation for auto electronics was an electrical door lock introduced in 1914. Since then, several new electrical components have been introduced. Common electric components now include powered windows, in-cabin lighting, and most recently, digital readouts for everything from average miles per gallon to outside temperature and speed.

Auto electrical repairs are not just centered on luxury or add-ons. Some vehicle electrical functions are crucial for a smoothly functioning car—functions needed in basic driving or even something as simple as starting the engine. The ignition system is very important. If your battery is in good condition and your engine won’t turn over, your ignition system may be the cause of the problem. Another basic function of your electrical system is to ensure that your fuel injection is firing correctly. Issues with the fuel injection system may cause your engine to cough, splutter, and even backfire.

Experienced Car Electricians

As a Bosch Authorized Service Provider, Virginia Auto Service has access to high-quality components and wiring that will guarantee your car’s smooth operation for a long time. We guarantee all parts and labor for 2 years / 24,000 miles. Plus, Virginia Auto Service technicians have the knowledge and skill to install these components quickly to get you back on the road.

Troubles with the auto electrical system can be easily diagnosed with our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The team at Virginia Auto Service obtains regular training to be updated on the latest technological advancements in vehicle electrical systems. Whether your car is on the older side or only a year off the lot, Virginia Auto Service will provide excellent auto electrical repair in Phoenix to get your car’s electrical systems performing as they should.

We at Virginia Auto Service in Phoenix are here to help customers with:

Battery light repair is also important because it prompts drivers when the car is running solely on battery power. This should inform them that they need to pull over soon as soon as they can. It lights up when the alternator is not generating electricity and if it stays on, it probably means that the alternator belt is broken. This means that the alternator belt may need to be replaced. Alternator repair may also be necessary if the problem stems from alternator failure.

Virginia Auto Service is famous for quality services like auto electrical repair in Phoenix, battery light repair, and alternator repair. Our master technicians will quickly evaluate the problem and provide an honest estimate for repairs. This is just one more way to show that we truly care about our customers.

Why You Need Auto Electrical Repairs

Phoenix car owners love both classic and modern vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you own you will eventually need auto electrical repairs in some capacity.

Cars are made up of confusing electronics and there are times you can’t figure out what the problem is.

If your dashboard gauges aren’t working properly it can be difficult to operate your car. To avoid further issues, you need to determine the cause of the electrical system of your vehicle and fix them accordingly.

These types of repairs require expert handling, mistakes can lead to bigger damage to your vehicle.

Let our ASE certified auto electricians diagnose and repair your vehicles.

Auto Electrical Repairs by Virginia Auto Service

Virginia Auto Service is your one-stop-shop for auto electrical repair in Phoenix AZ. Today’s vehicles are a complex mix of machines and computer technology. Digital readouts are becoming commonplace but they can result in busted fuses here and there.

Leave all your electrical repair issues to us and let us handle them safely and efficiently.

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