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Especially with the weather in phoenix, car belt repair is something that drivers cannot ignore.

When it comes to the proper maintenance of your vehicle, few things can interrupt the function of your vehicle faster than ignoring the health of your belts and hoses.

Though the vast majority of these repairs are quick and inexpensive the amount of vehicles we have seen come in damaged due to neglect of these repairs is staggering.

The very nature of the internal combustion engine is that of many components relying on the others to keep the entirety running. This is especially true when it comes to some of the smaller, yet important engine belts and hoses that bind the vehicle together.

At Virginia Auto Service, we understand that is quite easy to forget the necessity for minor maintenance, this is why we wish to take a few moments and explain the benefits that keeping up on the small stuff can have for your vehicle as a whole.

Take for example the alternator belt; if this belt fails, you can find yourself with a dead battery and an engine that just won’t start. Hopefully, someone would be around that can jumpstart the car, but worst case scenario means a tow truck and an inconvenient fee.

Another example of a minor issue spiraling out of control is the radiator hose. Over time, hot engine coolant degrades the health of this essential hose and can cause it to collapse on itself. This starves the engine of coolant and can quickly bring about an engine overheat, which in turn wreaks havoc on your engine.

These two examples are just the beginning in a long list of completely avoidable car problems that can be circumvented with nothing more than the occasional health inspection of the belts and hoses in your vehicle. For many years, we here at Virginia Auto Service have explained to our customers that the costs of minor maintenance procedures are minimal compared to the heavy burden and inconvenience that is incurred by neglecting the small stuff.

The truth of the matter is that some parts of your car will eventually wear down, but the goal is to gain maximum usefulness from any given component before a repair or replacement is conducted. This way you not only get the most out of the money you spend for repairs, but you are able to schedule these minor maintenance procedures in a way that agrees with your schedule and your finances.

At Virginia Auto Service, we feel that keeping our customers aware of any developing problem with their vehicle is vital to building trust and cultivating long lasting, professional relationships with our patrons. If you can’t remember the last time a true professional inspected your vehicle, let us take a look. At Virginia Auto Service, it is a point of professional excellence to only provide services which are absolutely necessary for the prolonged health of your vehicle.

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