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Engine Repair in Phoenix AZ

Virginia Auto Service provides automotive engine repair in Phoenix Arizona. 

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Engine problems are dreaded among drivers because they are typically complex and potentially costly. In some cases, engine issues cannot be repaired and might require replacement if not an overhaul.

To extend the engine’s useful life and avoid these issues, you need to seek the best repair and maintenance services from trusted auto technicians in Phoenix. Moreover, immediate action is vital to resolve any engine problem before a major breakdown occurs. Just call us ASAP if you experience telltale signs of automotive problems like rough handling, power losses when driving, increased fuel consumption, and poor emissions.

The Engine Repair and Maintenance Authority in Phoenix, AZ

Virginia Auto Service is a family owned and operated business serving clients in Phoenix and drivers in the surrounding area since the 1990s. Our honest and experienced mechanics are here to keep your engine reliable and your vehicle healthy for many years to come.

Moreover, our ASE-certified mechanics will handle whatever issue your car engine requires. We are adequately equipped with the latest tools to provide quality repairs at reasonable prices and fast turnaround times, too. Visit our website often to get promos and other special discounts.

Our most popular engine repair services in Phoenix include:

  • Major Engine Tune-ups: A well-maintained engine is a good engine. Our tune-up services include inspection of filters, spark plugs, rotors, belts, and caps.
  • Engine Repairs: As your one-stop auto shop in Phoenix, we expertly handle most engine issues and provide services that may include machining and testing.
  • Engine Rebuilding or Overhauling: But if the engine is damaged beyond repair, worry not. We will rebuild it back to its optimal condition by deconstructing it. We will then remove any damaged parts and install high-quality replacements.
  • High-performance Upgrades: Not satisfied with the current power output of your vehicle? We offer automotive upgrades and modifications for your car. For instance, we can install a supercharger or turbocharger.
  • Check Engine Light and Electrical Systems: Repairing an engine does not end in the mechanical system. Virginia Auto Service also provides electrical system inspection of the battery, alternator, starter, and engine lights.

Fluid Check and Oil Change: Lastly, our engine repair services also include a coolant check, oil change, and transmission fluid replacement for automatic transmission vehicles

Phoenix Engine Rebuilding and Restoration

It can be challenging to decide whether to opt for an engine repair or get an engine rebuilding service. You should weigh the best procedure for your vehicle to dodge unnecessary costs. 

Our honest and certified automotive service advisors can help you decide. They will carefully explain the process and clearly communicate their diagnostics with you. Our techs can then install an engine rebuild kit, which will restore the performance of your car at a reasonable price. Rest assured that we will not carry out a procedure without your knowledge and approval.

However, if the engine has suffered extreme damage and wear, opting for an engine rebuilding service can be uneconomical or even impossible. For such scenarios, the wiser alternative would be to install a remanufactured or rebuilt engine block. Refurbished and reconditioned engines carry some risks, but they are often more affordable than new ones. Moreover, warranties typically last from 3-12 months. Virginia Auto Service ensures that all parts we use are of high quality and up to modern industry standards.

Ultimately, each situation is unique and needs special assessments to make the best decision. Our team of automotive experts in Phoenix will eliminate the guesswork and provide you with a complete diagnostic of your vehicle. We use state-of-the-art technologies for our diagnostics to ensure accurate findings. We will then give you a reasonable quote that matches your needs.

At Virginia Auto Service, we will spend time explaining everything you need to learn about engine rebuilding or overhauling. Our estimates guarantee that all services will fit your budget and make sure you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Reliable Engine Mechanics at Virginia Auto Service

When you experience an automotive engine breakdown, you have to make some choices. Do you want to extend the life of your car for several more years? Is the price of engine rebuilding or repairs more economical than just purchasing a new car?

Our ASE-certified technicians can help you make actionable solutions and the best choices for the longevity and performance of your car. Moreover, we offer comprehensive maintenance services that can prevent engine problems from getting worse. These include routine tune-ups, check engine light and error code diagnostics, and oil changes.

At Virginia Auto Service, we use only factory-grade components that can last for years. We also provide a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty coverage on all parts, repair service, and maintenance.

For example, we can install a factory-grade serpentine belt and timing belt to replace your old ones. These non-serviceable parts can last for about 100,000 mi, but their failure will prevent you from running your vehicle at all. Schedule a service with us soon if they are nearing the expected mileage for replacement.

We also offer a free shuttle service called Virgie. We will drop you off at your home or workplace in Phoenix and its surrounding area for your convenience.

Virginia Auto Service has been serving Phoenix drivers and clients from all over Arizona since the early 1990s. Since then, we have made it our commitment to provide the best experience to our clients.

Engine Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Just call our friendly techs for any automotive service inquiries. You can also book an appointment online or visit us to get a second opinion FOR FREE. Our auto repair facility is conveniently located at 386 E Virginia Ave., Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 85004.

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