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One of the things that is a huge help in maintaining efficiency and reliability in your vehicle is Fuel System Repair.

Fuel System Repair

At Virginia Auto Service, we have the latest tools and equipment to help you with all your fuel system repair needs.

Fuel system issues are noticeable when you have exhaust smoke, rough idle, poor performance, decreased mileage, sputtering at speed, and hard starting.

We can repair worn out fuel lines, clogged fuel injectors, and faulty fuel pumps.

Phoenix gets good quality fuel compared to other cities, but this doesn’t mean that your fuel system is immune from problems.

Fuel lines can deteriorate over time and should be repaired, or replaced immediately. They are vital to your fuel system as they carry fuel to your fuel injectors.

Fuel injectors spray gasoline as a fine mist for proper fuel combustion. When you have clogged injectors, you will experience a decrease in fuel efficiency and rough idle.

Fuel pumps are the heart of your fuel system as they push fuel through the lines into the injectors. Failing fuel pumps will result in fuel system issues like poor acceleration and responsiveness.

Fuel System Repair for Engine Health

Fuel system repair is a huge help in maintaining efficiency and reliability in your vehicle.

Phoenix drivers have experienced a serious rise in gas prices, and that can often lead to many of us opting for the less expensive fuels on the market. The problem that arises here is that cheaper fuel generally has a much higher level of dirt and contaminants that can clog the fuel system; repairs then become necessary to keep the engine healthy.

No matter where the problem arises along the fuel line, repairs help make sure that you get the most efficiency from the fuel that you do purchase and help keep the vehicle running smoothly. One of the most important things to remember is that your fuel pump is most susceptible to problems when low-quality fuel is purchased. Because of the contaminants in the fuel, your fuel pump has to work overtime to deliver fuel to the engine. Forcing the fuel pump to work harder cuts down on its lifespan significantly, and fuel pump repair is resource-intensive to complete.

Another essential thing to remember is that your fuel filter does need to be replaced from time to time. For most vehicles today, fuel filters have a bypass valve that allows fuel into your engine even if the filter is clogged; this, however, is a double-edged sword. Even though your vehicle is running, your engine is exposed to dirty, unfiltered fuel, which contributes to build up inside the engine. Not only do you run the risk of eventually clogging your fuel injectors, but other components such as spark plugs quickly accumulate grime and lose their ability to function. Simply put, dirty engines will never run as efficiently as a well maintained, clean engine.

Because every vehicle is designed differently, it is hard to put an average mileage on when this kind of maintenance is needed. Furthermore, driving habits, fuel use, and the quality of fuel used have an impact on how often service should be conducted.

Whether your vehicle is relatively new or has seen a fair amount of life, these principles apply universally; making sure that your fuel system remains clean, and efficient not only saves you money at the gas pump but can also help you avoid high repair costs in the future.

We invite you to speak to our service advisor about your fuel system. Our staff is standing by to make sure that our customers receive the information they need to keep their vehicles more fuel-efficient and reliable for the road ahead. If you have any questions about increasing your fuel economy or fuel system repairs, feel free to contact us by phone, set up an appointment, or just walk in the door. We will be glad to help you with whatever you need.

Fuel System Repair by Certified Technicians

At Virginia Auto Service, we use top quality parts and provide a 2-Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty on all parts and labor for every car, every service, and every time at no additional charge to our customers.

Remember, we will take you to/from your work or home while your car is being repaired. No hassle and no interruption to your daily schedule, if possible.


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