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Six Reasons Why Your Car is Overheating – Auto Repair Phoenix

Six Reasons Why Your Car is Overheating – Auto Repair Phoenix

An overheating car is one of the most significant problems you could have. If the engine overheats, it may start to distort and crack, resulting in irreversible damage. However, what induces a vehicle to overheat? Don’t settle for low engine performance. A smooth engine improves fuel system and fuel economy! Our auto mechanics at Virginia Automotive will discuss six possible causes in more detail below:

Low Coolant Level

The cooling system helps remove much of the extra heat, and the coolant does almost all of the job. It soaks up heat from the engine, flows to the radiator to cool and returns to the engine after it has lost its heat. If your cooling system lacks sufficient coolant, it will not function well, resulting in an overheating engine.

We suggest checking the coolant levels regularly when inspecting your oil or other car fluids. If you’re losing coolant due to a leak, you should have it looked at so that technicians can find the source. Our auto repair services include a thorough diagnosis of your cooling system to prevent your engine from overheating.

Thermostat Error

The temperature gauge regulates the flow of coolant. When your engine first starts, the temperature control valve remains closed, preventing coolant from circulating. When the engine nears operating temperature, the valve opens, allowing coolant to circulate through the engine. A faulty thermostat may remain shut even when the engine is hot, resulting in overheating. Bring your car immediately to our auto repair facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Water Pump Failure

The water pump is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the cooling system. If the water pump fails, coolant may not flow as well or may stop completely, resulting in your engine getting too hot even if your coolant levels are sufficient. Let our ASE certified technicians handle your vehicle and perform quality service repair services.

Damaged Radiator

The radiator is the place coolant goes to reduce its heat as it flows through the radiator’s pipes. The fins in these pipes collect heat from the liquid, and the air that passes over the radiator takes the heat away. A faulty radiator may not be as effective.

Furthermore, the radiator cap is to keep your cooling system under pressure. If the cover is damaged or loose, the coolant may boil off and escape rather than pass through the cooling process. For quality auto repairs and maintenance services, contact Virginia Automotive in Phoenix, AZ.

Bad Radiator Fan

We talked about the air that streams over the radiator that helps reduce the heat that the fins have absorbed from the coolant, but this is only true when the car is in motion. The radiator fan will only activate when your vehicle comes to a complete stop. This fan circulates air through the radiator. If it is bad, your car may overheat while idling and only cools down once you drive. We offer the quality service you deserve at our auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Blown Head Gasket

The engine in your car operates in hot conditions. If this heat becomes excessive, your engine may overheat, resulting in a blown head gasket. The extra heat causes the cylinder head and engine block to expand excessively, resulting in a head gasket failure.

After knowing the reasons for an overheating engine, we suggest some simple steps you should do if you have this issue. The first one is to turn off the air conditioning, roll the windows down, and turn on the heater to the max. This may be uncomfortable, especially in hot weather seasons, but it is preferable to losing your engine. Then, as soon as you can safely do so, pull over to the side of the road and turn off the engine.

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