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Why Change Your Oil? – Oil Change Near Me

Oil Change Near Me

Why is it critical to change the engine oil at the correct intervals? The most crucial vehicle maintenance is oil change; scheduled motor oil changes are essential in maintaining the smoothness of your car. An oil change service is an excellent way to have other car components inspected also.

Regular oil change services are something you cannot ignore whether you have a brand-new vehicle or are driving a car you can depend on. Take your vehicle to our auto repair shop at Virginia Automotive in Phoenix, AZ. Our synthetic blend oil change will help your engine reach its potential! Full synthetic oil or synthetic blend is a specially formulated motor oil to provide maximum protection and performance for an utmost sense of security.

Motor Oil Change Keeps Your Engine Clean

When oil from other sources enters the engine, dirt and other particles increase within it. Sludge will pile up in your engine if you do not change your oil at the appropriate intervals. Those who live in denser, dustier areas may have even more unwanted particles passing through. Changing your engine oil and replacing the oil filter regularly will remove any hazardous bits of dirt and debris before they cause any further engine damage.

Oil Change Longer Engine Life

The oil lubricates and safeguards your engine’s critical components from untimely wear and damage. The issue is that oil becomes contaminated. By changing your oil and oil filter according to your owner’s manual, you can maintain your engine free of dirt while saving time, finances, and stress. A regular oil change is an opportunity to save money, ensuring you will be able to drive your vehicle for many more years.

Regular Oil Changes Improve Fuel Economy

A fuel-efficient vehicle is essential to all. Many factors influence overall miles per gallon, including the driving conditions, environment, landscape, driving habits, and vehicle maintenance. Without regular care, all that dirt and debris will accumulate inside your engine, causing friction. Friction is the adversary of optimal engine efficiency and fuel economy. Maintaining a clean oil in your engine will help decrease friction, enabling your engine to operate more efficiently and improve gas mileage.

Oil Change Helps Maintain a Smooth Engine

Due to heat exposure, old motor oil degrades over time. It loses adhesiveness and the ability to lubricate the engine. The dirtier the oil, the more difficult it is to get anywhere. This sludge begins to accumulate in areas, obstructing the lubricant flow to parts that require it. The oil also helps remove excess heat from engine components. These parts stay extremely hot for longer if they are with sludge. Eventually, the engine’s performance will suffer as it loses fuel efficiency and power.

To Pass the Emissions Test, You Need an Oil Change

Passing a smog check is about how many of these particles known as hydrocarbons are emitted into the air. If you don’t change your oil regularly, dirty oil can cause a buildup of these hydrocarbons within your engine’s crankcase. When burned, it can cause more hydrocarbons to spread via the vehicle’s emission. You will not only pass this necessary emissions test, but you will also pollute less if you change your oil regularly.

Protects Other Engine Parts

The crankshaft and connecting rods are two of several key pieces that make your engine operate. These rods are in charge of the pistons inside your engine’s cylinders. Another component is the camshaft, which aids in the opening and closing of the vehicle’s valves. Clean synthetic oil in your vehicle’s engine is critical to keeping all of these elements moving and running smoothly.

Oil Change Near Me – Virginia Automotive, Phoenix, AZ

A regular oil change is necessary for your vehicle to run in its optimal condition. It is, and an oil leak, without a doubt, should not be overlooked. Old, dirty oil reduces gas mileage, power output, and eventually the life of your engine. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to maintain routine oil changes at the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Contact us at Virginia Automotive vehicle service centers in Phoenix, Arizona, if you have any questions.  We recommend changing your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles before any stop and go traffic tips. To know more about our full-service full synthetic oil change service and other auto repair services, please call us at (602) 266-0200, or you may visit our webpage and set a schedule today! We use full synthetic oil instead of conventional oil (crude oil) for better engine performance.